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Our Prospects

Present – Dedicated Customer Care

All the solid benefits of an energetic, young, flexible, reliable and strong team spirit enterprise, is what you can enjoy from Sky Eagle. Supported by over 30 years solid experience, leading reputations within the industry and strong financial strengths of Sky Eagle, as Sky Eagle’s esteemed customer, you are not only benefit from Sky Eagle's core logistics know-how and skills, but also our strengths of whole-hearted caring attitudes.


Future - Continuous Improvement

As the impact of the financial tsunami in 2008, the years ahead would undoubtedly be full of challenges. We are proud to have the steady support of diligent and dedicated staff even in difficult times. We shall continue evolving our business quality by relying on customer feedback, which has enabled us to grow into a strong enterprise. To compete with the future global demand, Sky Eagle shall make every endeavours to boost our performance for every of our customers by means of listening to customer’s real needs and continuous investment in a strong asset base with utmost sincerity and an open mind so as to provide the platform for future expansion in the industry.

Sky Eagle Group hereby expresses our gratitude to all of our esteemed customers for your patronage and support throughout years and we promise to provide a better service to you in the future!