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Our Premier Advantages

Superior geographical location

Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong Office and warehouses are located at Hutchison Logistics Centre (HLC) of Kwai Chung Container Port, the busiest and most efficient container terminal in the world. Our office and warehouses are well-served by a comprehensive trunk road system that enable easy access to Chap Lap Kok Airport and the rail network. The easy accessible location enables efficient transportation with reduced costs.


Our Shenzhen office and warehouse is located at Yantian port, Shenzhen and such a nice location provides a convenient transportation both by land and by sea. The port of Yantian is designed to be a comprehensive port to serve international transshipment of containers as well as bulk and general cargo which also enables efficient transportation with minimum costs.


Our Guangzhou office and warehouse is located at Huangpu port, Guangzhou with an easy accessible location for cost-effective transportation.

High-tech tracking & tracing system

Our tailor-made customized I.T. system, such as real-time inventory reports, track and trace system, transportation management system and shipment and delivery report allows online tracking/tracing of cargo to street level resulting in cost-effective and efficient transportation routes. Cargos can be traced by real time tracking system for better shipment monitoring and an immediate record of completed delivery. Such features allow an efficient operations management and easy physical transportation management for customers.

High efficiency and security warehouse management

Security is our prime concern. All of our warehouses are equipped with web-enabled 100% coverage Closed Circuit Televisions with 24 hours digital recording and 24 hours security guards patrol for round-the-clock monitoring so as to maximize security. Computerised inventory management system enables an efficient tracking of cargos for expedient retrieval and the quality of warehousing management was enhanced by the fast system update.

Well-trained and experienced staff

Our experienced team of professionals not only provides a wide range of both standard and customized value-added services to customers, but also serving as the best guarantee for a costly and efficient way to deal with customer’s cargoes. Our strong professional team enables us secure s safe distribution of cargoes from receipt to delivery and protects customer’s interests at the maximum at all material times resulting in provide customers with peace of mind.

Comprehensive facilities and resources

Our strong and comprehensive facilities and resources enable us to offer customers a tailor-made package to meet their logistics needs. Our concessive investments throughout the recent years demonstrating our long term commitment to meet customer’s needs. Sky Eagle Group has a strong transportation fleet includes different sizes of delivery trucks, ranging from delivery vans to 30 ton trucks with heavy lifting crane to handle different kinds of customer’s business needs, such as local transportation, cross-boundary transportation, distribution, project deliveries, etc.

Inbound/Outbound One-stop logistics services

We provide wide range of logistics services in both HK and South China region under one-stop concepts encompassing from warehousing, distributing, consolidating, door to door delivering and trucking, up to cross-boundary transportation, river feeder shipment and other value-added logistics services, accordance with customer’s real needs. By using one-stop comprehensive philosophy, customer can enjoy the maximum effectiveness and efficiency at the reduced costs.