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Shun Tong (China) Logistics Co. Ltd.
One of the subsidiary companies under Sky Eagle Group
Which mainly focus on providing professional cross-boundary delivery and transportation services between Hong Kong and South China region

We provide the following cross boundary land transportation services:
  • Cross-Boundary trucking service for full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) general cargo linking up Hong Kong and South China region
  • Door-to-door CFS cargo pick-up and delivery service from port/terminal or forwarder’s or shipper’s factory/warehouse directly to consignee in South China region for onward distribution
  • Haulage service for any types of container to and from port/terminal to forwarder’s or shipper’s factory/warehouse within Hong Kong and South China region as per customer’s instructions
  • Cross docking and cargo consolidation service for different kinds of cargoes
  • Dangerous cargo delivery
  • Special sized/ over-sized/ over-weight cargo/equipment bespoke delivery service

  • Not only covering in Shenzhen area, our services also extend to out-of-province or cross-provincial transportation
  • Connecting all major cities and ports in Southern China
  • Connecting with Sky Eagle warehousing services
  • Connecting with Sky Eagle one-stop logistics services
Our commitment – to provide excellent quality service

Timely / Safety / Accurate / Transparent / Flexible / Cost-effective

  • All vehicles are owned and operated by us, ultimately protecting customers by tightly monitoring
  • We have a 70,000 sq.ft. container yard and vehicle maintenance garage located in New Territories for regular maintenance and inspection for all vehicles in order to ensure that all vehicles are in good, safe condition
  • All vehicles are regularly maintained and checked, ensuring operational safety and guaranteeing on-time delivery
  • We are strong in same-day-delivery and specific time delivery for customers, enhancing customer’s competitive power in their respective industry
  • We specialize in on-time and accuracy delivery of all cargoes which is crucial for today’s busy logistics and supply chain professionals
  • Our unique IT system enables real time monitoring of cargo and provides customers delivery details with real time delivery acknowledgement
  • We excel in flexible transportation arrangement by deploying our self-owned modern fleet for delivery
  • Our strong transportation fleet allows quickly responds so as to save demurrage and satisfying sensitive supply chain delivery needs
  • All our drivers are well-trained and certified and comply with all governmental requirements promotes the highest level of safety and security
  • All vehicles are installed with Global Positioning System (GPS) enable transparency on cargo flow and it’s easily online-tracked by customers for convenience


Strong Self-Owned Trucking Fleet

“For good its good works, we must first facilitate the browser”

Nowadays, we are equipped with a strong cross-boundary trucking fleet of self-owned vehicles of more than 90 trucks of various capacities and sizes, container tractors and other vehicles in Hong Kong, trafficking between Hong Kong and Southern China for handling tailor-made delivery of containers and cargoes for customer’s transportation and distribution needs. Amongst those trucks, we have dangerous good lorries handling dangerous cargo

Self-owned Cross Border Truck

Container Trailer45
Container Trailer (for Dangerous Goods)2
3 Ton Lorry18
3 Ton Lorry (for Dangerous Goods)2
8/10 Ton Lorry (equipped with end-lifting platform)21
8/10 Ton Lorry (for Dangerous Goods)3
24 Ton Lorry (equipped with end-lifting platform)2

Self-owned Chassis

Cross Border ChassisQuantity
20’ Standard Chassis12
20’ Low-Bed Chassis2
40’ Standard Chassis56
40’ Air-Suspend Chassis1
40’ Flat-Bed Chassis5

Self-owned Container

40’ GP Container5
40’ HQ Container5
45’ Container12

Container Yard and Vehicle Maintenance Garage

Address: DD 99 Lot 769, Mai Po Tsuen, San Tin, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Area: 70,000 sq.ft

High Security Installation

  • web-enabled 100% coverage CCTV with 24 hours digital recording connecting to our office for monitoring
  • Advanced anti-burglary system


Shun Tong (China) Logistics Co., Limited

Hong Kong Office
Address :
Unit 705, 7/F., Office Tower
Hutchison Logistics Centre (HLC)
18 Container Port Road South, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2332 3318
(852) 2770 9225
Fax : (852) 2771 0414
(852) 2770 8030

Huanggang Office
Address :
1303, Huang Cheng Plaza, Huang Gang port
Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Tel : (86) 755 8300 7231
(86) 755 8300 7232
(86) 755 8300 7263
(86) 755 8300 4521
Fax : (86) 755 8300 4415

Hong Kong Container
Yard and Vehicle
Maintenance Garage
Address :
DD 99 Lot 769, Mai Po Tsuen, San Tin, Yuen Long
New Territories, Hong Kong.