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About Sky Eagle

“Ying Wei (Hop Yick) Logistics Ltd.”, one of the existing subsidiaries of Sky Eagle Group was first founded in 1980. From the very first beginning, we provided only vanning and devanning container service, container drayage service, LCL cargo delivery service, and project cargo handling service. Sky Eagle Group has gradually developed into a one-stop professional and comprehensive logistics company in these 30 years.

To cope with the strong and rapid demand for cross-border trucking services between Hong Kong and PRC, “Shun Tong (China) Logistics Co., Ltd.” was established in 1985 which aimed at providing cross-border transportation services between Hong Kong and PRC.

In 1987, “Sky Eagle (Chin Hung) Logistics Ltd.” was set up and our warehouse was then formed at Hong Kong International Distribution Centre (now known as “Hutchison Logistics Centre”) --- one of the world's first and largest drive-in cargo logistics center. Sky Eagle (Chin Hung) Logistics Limited now occupies more than 80,000 sq. ft. of on-dock warehouse space of the HLC. In 1993, Sky Eagle has handled more than 650,000 cubic metres of sea freight cargo for our customers.

Sky Eagle Group further expanded its business territory in Guangdong area in 90’s. In 1992, “Sky Eagle Chin Hung (China) Consolidation Godown Company” was set up in Shenzhen, providing cargo consolidation and warehousing services as well as inbound trucking and drayage service within Shenzhen city, marking as a milestone of our Greater China development. “Sky Eagle Chin Hung (China) Consolidation Godown Company” was officially registered as “Sky Eagle HongDa (Shenzhen) Transportation Ltd.” in 2001, with a warehouse located at Yantian District, Shenzhen.

To comply with the rapid business growth in PRC, “Sky Eagle Cargo Service Co., Ltd.” was formed and a branch office was also set up at Huangpu port, Guangzhou in 2002, mainly providing cargo consolidation and warehousing services, drayage and trucking services as well as feeder services between Hong Kong and Huangpu, Guangzhou.

By using one-stop logistics concept, practising the best logistics solutions and equipped with first grade facility and resources support, Sky Eagle was gradually become the pioneer in the industry within the territory.

Sky Eagle Group - Founded in 1980, having 6 subsidiary companies which focusing on different scopes of services which dedicated in providing one-stop logistics and transportation services amongst HK and Mainland China region.

Six subsidiary companies of Sky Eagle Group

We employ over 200 staffs, including 60 office staffs in handling documents and 140 front-line staffs specializing on cargo handling. Our strong logistics team is supported by dedicated expertise and experienced workmen who are committed to deliver high quality and reliable logistics services to our customers.

We believe that the overall success of the enterprise lies not only in the strong facility support, but also in the contributions of each employee of the enterprise. Human are always the crucial factor to provide excellent and reliable service. We thus encourage our personnel to shoulder their individual responsibilities and commitments and believe that close communication and strong teamwork may benefit both the enterprise and customers to reach a win-win situation.

We are committed to promote corporate culture aim at strengthen cohesion of our staff, create sense of solidity and belonging among staff at work. Those values, we believe, shall positively support our future business development.


Our one-stop logistics services in HK and China
  1. Warehousing
    • High security and alarmed storage areas for cargoes in Hong Kong
    • Customs warehousing with high security and alarmed storage areas for cargoes in Yantian, Shenzhen
    • Accurate inventory management
    • Garment on hanger (GOH)
  2. Inbound and Outbound Land Transportation and Distribution
    • Inbound and outbound cargo haulage and transportation including FCL and LCL trucking
    • Door-to-door delivery
    • Inbound and outbound dangerous goods delivery
    • Cross-boundary transportation and delivery
  3. CFS Cargo Consolidation
    • Import/export CFS cargo delivering for general cargoes
    • Buyer’s consolidations
    • Trans-loading and cross docking arrangements
    • Cargo shipments including handling and storing at our own facilities
    • Regional distribution solutions
    • Multi-modal shipments
  4. Value-Added Services
    • Complex pick and pack operations to order
    • Disassembly / assembly
    • Cargo Inspection
    • Sorting and picking
    • Labelling or re-labelling
    • Re-packing small items into packages / gift sets
    • Price tagging
    • Slip sheet wrapping
    • Stretch vacuum wrapping and palletization
    • Customs clearance and import/export documentation handling
  5. Project Cargo / Special Sized Cargo (Over-Sized / Over-Weight Cargo) /Equipment Handling and Management
  6. Immigration Furniture Packing & Delivery
  7. River Feeder Shipment Service (between Hong Kong and Delta River Region)
The variety of our portfolio of services enables our esteem customers choosing the most suitable logistics and transportation services for their business flexibly. In addition, we will accord the actual needs of individual customers in serving them our special tailor-made quality services.